waiting at the bottom of the stairs

waiting at the bottom of the stairs

For something to be important it must ignore the trivial, the modest and the unassuming. It is also said that the still life explores those things which lack consequence, the things that ‘importance’ continually overlooks.

But when these ordinary objects interact with their surroundings a new equivalence occurs raising the presence of these everyday things to the status of special. A modernity results which exists outside of time.

The whole does, in fact, become other than the sum of its parts. Producing a timeless combination of atemporal iconography.

With more thanks and apologies, this time to Norman Bryson and Kurt Koffka,

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Warren Purdy
1 month ago
Warren Purdy Artist
The floating bottle in a staircase image reminded me of your paintings with the vases appearing to float or tilt in precarious ways.
Pen Pal Princess
1 year ago
A change in color from previous images. I bet the talent loved showing off. Love the stairwell setting juxtaposed with the elegant vase tied together with the horizontal lines.

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