(NEBULA) espansione 1

(NEBULA) espansione 1

Painting, Freedom, Happiness, Beauty, Abstract informal, Mixed technique, 40x30cm
(NEBULA) expansion 1
Solid material technique on canvas support.
Nebula series.
Instant description of the transition of fluctuating states of matter.
Research on the apparent distributive chaos of the "nebula", which strictly follows exact chemical and temporal physical laws, as well as our emotions, which originate with matrices so complex as to be sometimes incomprehensible to man, but which marvel at the their evolution.

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Nanouk Reicht
2 years ago
Nanouk Reicht Art lover
Bellissimo !
Stefania Scutera
2 years ago
Molto bella la pittura materica e la scelta dei colori. Complimenti!
Lino Bianco
2 years ago
Bellissima! Ciao,
massinelli massimo
2 years ago
massinelli massimo Artist, Designer
Tecnica materica solida su tela.

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