Drawing, Human figure, Philosophy, Nude, Pencil, 68.5x41.5x08cm
Life is like a puzzle, which is up to us to build to find the meaning of our life. There are people who can help us find and fit the pieces in the right place, which we can not do on our own. Others who would like to replace us, hindering our efforts, to insert the pieces to their liking, distorting the final result. Just one missing piece, inserted badly or replaced, to change the original design and the meaning for which it was created.
The difficulties that arise in relationships with others, indifference, incapacity, impossibility, loneliness, old age, self-centeredness, abuse, are some of the problems we face.
The nude signifies the reality of human nature, the only one that makes us all similar, and connotes the true personality of everyone, in an attempt to get rid of all social, cultural and religious impediments and discriminations, in the difficult task of building the puzzle of one's life, where difficulties, experiences, fears, conditioning, limits, are obstacles to overcome.

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