Digital Photography, Emotion, Feelings, Portrait, Digital, 600x800cm

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Patrick Smith
1 year ago
hey! what do you mean? Who knows anything about art? here there are artists of all different genres and you like what you like based on your can't blame artists for their inclinations one way or the other..there is no special knowledge.. like you are a judge or something..and such specialized (but probably necessary) people may claim to have rarefied knowledge but are reflecting the history of art v.v the memes, current affairs of the day [of course it is highly subjective], novelty, and their education (perhaps special biasing or not) in the art world, in addition to their own particular favorites. If you want this type of judgement, then go for the prize...and good luck (from someone who knows nothing about art [or Art]).
David Murphy
1 year ago
David Murphy Artist
I had 8 visits and 4 likes,
That's the Art World for everyone that likes something there is someone that find something wrong with it.
For the people who couldn't see anything in my portrait Look Again .It's my Brain been hammered Away by individuals that know nothing about Art.

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