The artist wanted to use a play on words as a pretext to highlight the importance of the use, meaning and symbolism of words and objects.
The use of the word is important, its correct writing, reading and wording is significant for its concept, which can take different meanings.
The text and the drawing were made with the needle and thread to express the archaic mental thought that these objects represent in their use.
The symbolism of the thread is an expression par excellence, that all that exists is bound up with the rest and with its principle. The warp thread symbolizes the origin of the state of things and connects the worlds, through which the plot takes shape, a trace that develops in a temporal and different way. The whole of social relations are the thread with which the experiences are woven, which form the habit of the knowledge that everyone wears. The needle is the means, the means, through which the action of the thread takes shape, giving rise to the result, to the objective that one wants to achieve.
The term is used in many expressions that contain their own symbolic meaning, such as: the thread of discourse, the thread that unites love, a thread of hope, suspended by a thread, Arianna's thread, I have lost the thread, etc. .

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