"Europee 2019"

"Europee 2019"

Indifference is the greatest enemy of democracy, indifference, superficiality and connivance, it is not possible that in Italy who should be ashamed of his surname not only "brings" it with pride but after the enormous loss that that name has provoked can stand for an election, unhealthy ideas thanks to a series of contributing factors have started to "march" again, the goose step hides less and less also thanks to the "errors" and "abuses" of the European community. The parties that create and ride this wave of "ideals" deny and try to cover up what really happened because of fascism, even hide the mourning caused by the duce by covering them with their "new dress" for personal advantage. to vote and defeat this dangerous return to the past, it is all too clear that it is not a question of age but of belonging, this time too and more than other times the difference lies in the percentages that divide the "good" from the "bad", if they prevail the "bad" community's lobbying system will continue if the "good" will prevail, perhaps we will have hope. It is useless to participate in days on the memory if then with the vote or with the abstention from it we favor who of the fascism makes his own flag, it is useless to participate in commemorations against the victims of the organized criminality if then with the vote or with the abstention from it we favor those who bring organized crime into the institutions, or we are against and we oppose them or we are in favor and we are COMPLICATES.

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