Musical Analysis

Musical Analysis

Drawing, Technological, Abstract geometrical, Graphite, 27.6x30.4x0.1cm
Artistic research, taking risk to gain knowledge is a fundament of my existence as an artist. This sketch documents the attempt of finding music in things -- by the means of a set of rules transferring objects into music.

The drawing is done on to bits of transparent paper, the second applied on the top of the bigger one as an extension.

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Christian Kabuß
8 months ago
Dear Patrick, it's from x-y-z. There are drawings from front and from the side for this, too. The front is here at Celeste — the side at Saatchi's . You get chords when x, y and z differ, else single eighth-notes or trioles. Timeline comes from the scanning process along a spiral around the object. Yes, it's playable. It's from an old project 20 years ago, I have the notation somewhere... Thanks for your interest, Christian
Patrick Smith
8 months ago
so the music is coded from the x-y coordinates, or from the x-y-z coordinates (as this one looks like it is projected perpendicular to the x-y plane). Interesting, can you play it?

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