What do you see?

What do you see?

Painting, Abstract informal, Acrylic, 122x153x4.3cm
There were painful time as an artist. This is my torn painting. I've been working in my life honestly after I made truning point(about 10 years). After I've become an artist and I have try my best to communicate through art. As my reputation as an artist goes, I've been offered to sell the painting through local gallery. They offer me to lower the price. While this time, I get to know how the local(some of them) take a ventage of artist in this world by taking 50% cuts and ofer the contract to exhibit through them. We create art from the heart to share in this world to sincerely communicate, heart to heart.My heart was not happy by being ofered by local Galley and I explained why I will not let it out through them but was not convincing enough to a person. So I had to put in to action to share no means no by put the knife on this one. Message crossed and now no one bothers me anymore on these issue.
Do I not feel for this piece of beauty? I do in every way. So I am up-loading today to share our common pain as an artist to share sincerely.

Your friend emily eunjue hayes

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