Letizia Ardillo- Permutazioni-

Letizia Ardillo- Permutazioni-

Installation, Spirituality, Symbol / Letter, Nature, Philosophy, Video installation, 200x200x01cm
"The world is like a dream" says the Zohar and so does our life. We are children of the waters and darkness like the Universe, in a continuous process to come "to the Light". We are Infinite Light hidden in the dark matter of Creation, in the letters of the Torah and in the pupil of the eye. Light ... steam ...

Yarona Pinhas

Biblioteca Vallicelliana -Salone Borromini-Mostra Visioni, the works of Letizia Ardillo inspired by the teachings of Cabbalà by Yarona Pinhas, through a video created for the occasion entitled "Permutations" videoedithing by Alfredo Villa. The exhibition was inaugurated on March 4 in the Borromini Hall of the Vallicelliana Library and we hope that, as soon as possible, it can be reopened to the public. The symbolic and artistic interpretation of the works exhibited together with the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet created as artist's books guide the visitor into the mysterious universe of the Cabbalà. Each letter has a different flow of water, each letter is a world.

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