Nulla è più raro della genuina bontà...!!!

Nulla è più raro della genuina bontà...!!!

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We must not forget that food, especially in a rich society like ours, must meet not only the need for healthiness and food safety, but also that of authenticity and good taste.
(Ermes Frezzi)

The joy of genuine eating is not the slightly snobbish mania of the solitary hedonist. This very human search for happiness through food belongs to all social classes and all peoples who populate the Earth. It prods the miserable proletarian of the peripheries of the world, but does not abandon the wealthy citizens of the metropolises. And everyone is interested - beyond the advertising mystification - in genuine food, made of elements not polluted by chemistry, out of a healthy environment, where the manipulation of the farmer enhances and does not mortify the creativity of nature.
(Piero Bevilacqua)

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