#1 regression progression

#1 regression progression

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The haiku for the image at the right of this panel...

harsh moment in time
you stumped me; who have I been/
might I be from here

There's more to this than meets the eye - hence putting together the panel.

At left are 8 photos of nature that I took recently. Pieces of these were used to create the image 2nd from right. I loved the result for a day, then realised it was perhaps a cover, typical of my go-to state which is to be busy, be bright, be whatever's needed.

Then at 9pm one night, on an "aha" whim, and without a plan, the image at right emerged (demerged?). I realised it represents a time post-rape. How blank I have felt. How discarded.

Regression (it's not/I'm not). Progression (it is/I am).

Daisies represent hopes/attempts/potential, but are they fading or emerging?

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1 month ago
JacWho Artist
Thanks as always for your feedback and encouragement :)
1 month ago
fabbo imagery - and who doesn't like a great oxymoron...
that's usually wherein the strongest growth comes from...

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