"Inspirational design 'Part 4"

"Inspirational design 'Part 4"

Painting, Abstract informal, Acrylic, 122x153x4.3cm
This is the part of painting from Inspirational Design.If is not from inspirational in life to share our beauty in life, will be like desert. It has to inspire from a life to share the beauty in our heart to share. Each shape in the painting flow and makes painting speak with its inspiration.

Enjoy the painting and have a wonderful life!

Your friend emily eunjue hayes

Photography Patrick Hollier

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Experience of life with  Emily Eunjue Hayes
5 years ago
When the Life is Known Great in the Heart~ All things that we Do, Turn into Awesomeness. Which is Great. When Life is Purely Great, It Does Amazing things. Beyond~ When Life is Purely Followed in The Love, That are Purely the Truth~ Light at the End, Turn Around and Express the JOY. Since In Light, All is Great~ When All the Lies Are Gone~ Life is Purely With Greatness. YOUR Great Comment, Since YOU Have the Great Heart. Other Wise~ Great Can Not Come.
Thank YOU Once Again Dear Heart Rudolf Lichtenegger~
Rudolf Lichtenegger
5 years ago
Great work!

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