Installation, Political / Social, Organic material, 40x40cm
The exhibition demolish the differences and the stigmas betweenindividuals, groups, by placing them on a common nominative - the primary driver of life – blood. Blood becomes the symbol and instrument for manipulation.


Samples of Blood are taken from different people and saved in tubes. Tubes are made of glass, size of 15x1x1cm, containing anticoagulants (citrate, EDTA, oxalate, heparin), so that the blood remains unclotted and clearly visible. Each set of tubes presents independent unit of comparison.


a plant - a man - an animal
man - woman
white persone – black persone
Christian - Muslim - Jewish
NY - Baghdad
alive - dead
straight - gay
HIV - / HIV +
wealth - poor
viewer - author


In modern society, we daily witness differences between individuals. Group, which is different from "mainstream", are pushed on the edge because of racial, political, religious and ethnic intolerance. The purpose of the exhibition was to find an element that is common to all and to compare various groups to demonstrate equality and strike a balance between the forces. The exhibition is based on simplicity, how to use a small number of elements to achieve the effect of shock.

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