Carta n. 5

Carta n. 5

Paper fragments become an alternative to the medium of painting, given by the playful and sensual quality of the paper, blending their lives to free imagination. Welded illusion of depth, the color takes on new strength and vigor of composition.
From solid to vacuum, with a gradual awareness of solutions.
The reduction in fragment composition, which leaves room for reflective pauses, does not exclude an illogical comparison to the chaos.
Symbolic gestures, made of pure feelings, tending to rediscover mental landscapes of inner identity. A kind of paper, without doubt, pure, immediate, sensitive and free.
Shape, material and color become autobiographical material irrational inspiration.
A mosaic of daily resulted ephemeral sentimentality instead of paper.

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Mirta Vignatti
7 years ago
Bello!!! :-)
 Alessandra Lampiasi
9 years ago
Lavoro interessante, ciao
 Agron Moutsekou
10 years ago
Great ART!
Massimo Pecoraro
10 years ago
Molto bello. Mi piace . Ciao

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