Atomic Groove 2010: Vitalic, D'Jamency & VJ Julie Meitz

This is an event promo of an 'Atomic Groove' party for Eject Management (09.01.2010).

At this event I VJ-ed, videotaped, photographed and then made this promo (concept, editing & effects).

Merci to Vitalic (& the label Different) for his piece 'One Above One'. Merci à Marc et Pierre-Yves, mes bon amis :) Merci to Globull staff, and thanx to all of those who I videotaped!

Thanx to Bernard-Pierre Sampo for allowing his neuron video to be downloaded:

*** Notes ***

Consumer Camcorders: Sony D8 & Panasonic MiniDV (Yes, I want to buy an HD camera one of these days! But I must say, the old Sony D8 series still kick ass!)

Live Feed: CCTV Panasonic security camera (great deal on ebay! lucky me!)

Software: Adobe Premiere Pro
VJ Software: Resolume 2.4

Shooting in a night club with low or no lighting is always an issue, so I use the "night-shot" feature (infrared). However, there are issues of "hot spots" and severe graininess.

So, it's always a challenge making these videos...also, not always having the latest technology toys forces me to explore deeper into the tools I already have.

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