The Poketmón presents: A.R.G.O. The Multimedia Super Artist

The multimedia Super Artist.
This nice little pill is the latest parody of the well known all around
multifunctional artist.
For a bit of cash he'll put his heart and soul to anything.
"Just gimme some dough 'n' i'll create anything you want"

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Carlo D'Orta
7 years ago
Carlo D'Orta Artist
"La verità mi fa male...lo so..."
Questa era una famosa canzone italiana degli anni '60. Ma cavolo, qui la verità è così lampante, la si trova spesso in giro per gallerie e musei!! Bravi
Giovanni Longo
7 years ago
:D ...
Serge Fabrega
7 years ago
Serge Fabrega Artist
very fun
val ange
7 years ago
val ange Premium Artist
Paul Sucksmith
7 years ago
Tip Top, V funny indeed
 Alessandra Lampiasi
7 years ago
Ronnie Tres Reyes
7 years ago
hahaha! Funny!
7 years ago
Theo Artist
I love your artwork!!
stefano de longhi
7 years ago
great video!

figo , veramente :P
Giorgia Sarti
7 years ago
Giorgia Sarti Artist
troppo forte! bravo!

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