Digital animation of original photographs and downloaded images. Set in a modernist kitchen, a budgie wakes from its slumber to find that it is not alone. One of a series of works that attempts (and ultimately fails) to view modern life from the perspective of animals. Trapped by our senses and our anthropomorphic tendencies, the work might be read as metaphor for contemporary existence or perhaps as a Deleuzian attempt to ‘become budgie’. The title refers both to the sound made by a small bird and a well known brand of budgie food.

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Bettina Patermo
9 years ago
paolo vozzella
10 years ago
Serge Fabrega
10 years ago
Serge Fabrega Artist
Gaudys  Laxury
10 years ago
Gaudys Laxury Artist
So cute!!! Great work!!
Brigitte Kempers
10 years ago
Very good!

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