Installation, Minimal, Still life, Sacred / Mythological, Various materials, 100x210x60cm

The Working ZNTNAG9XXX48XX800 "totems (in honor of my father) that I am grateful for the experiences / trips with him experienced, decisive, my personality, sensory, ethical, psychological, spiritual, with direct knowledge of reality. Travel, experience psycho-physical, sensory location, culture, environment and space. The work grows vertically with 5 containers / boxes on a wooden-beam with the function of "medium transport / travel used for food and the third world countries for a variety of materials, here the metaphor of containers of experiences, memories of place, memories of travel. The sequence is the chronological order of travel, waxed containers, protected by organic material, its natural warmth, the experience is physical-mental, and sensory perception. The color of the writing is a metaphor of the stimulus-sensory perception of the place, the adhesive label / transparent, similar to those dispatches. The three beams, the black-oil, the pattern space / time travel by means of fuel, the red, the energy of travel, blue, spiritual experience.

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