Remember When?...

Installation, Abstract informal, Portrait, Video installation, 82.6x183x183cm
Amongst other things, I am a 10 year sober drug addict and this last year has been the most difficult for me to stay sober. I was around drugs almost every day, dealing with extremely painful emotions, and having to remind myself daily why I can't give in, not even for a bump. The work that I do about drugs isn't just taking the viewer on a journey in my shoes but also a humble attempt to reach out to those currently in the trenches. Remember When? a visual and sonic narrative representation of my recollection of the thoughts/emotions running through me the first time I overdosed 12 years ago and almost died. The dark, humid, feeling of stifling air and a daunting white light that haunted me. This series of photographs with my original accompanying sound is projected onto an 82.6cmx82.6cm window that I painted blood red and hangs from the ceiling by two 100.4cm chains(one on each side) placing the window at average eye level and a black square 74.9cmx74.9cm base that is 14cm tall laying beneath it. Speakers are hung according to the physicality of the space allowing the sound waves to bounce off of the walls, floor, ceiling etc. so that the optimal sound can be achieved without destroying the amplifier or speakers.

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Bettina Patermo
9 years ago
WOW!!! me as well am very very touched !!!
"beautyful" work, voted of course !!!
jaya  suberg
9 years ago
jaya suberg Artist
to read your words, to see these pictures touches me, the music...but you knwow what i think:your feelings in those times must be a 1000times more strong and painful like these pics are showing?
when i am not right, forgive, anyway, i feel very touched, that is a are honest and have courage, best for you, beautiful woman and love ! jaya

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