Fusioni ed essenze

Fusioni ed essenze

Painting, Human figure, Nude, Fantasy / Visionary, Mixed technique, 90x90cm
The human being as an element in all of nature, time-reborn from Mother Earth, draws its lifeblood from groundwater.
The human being as mimesis of existence and essence of simplicity, tended towards a return to naturalness.
The elements of nature take human form, with-merging with it, living his own life.

The human being alive today primarily as an abstraction simplified its look generic and as such, moves in a city that turns even the natural elements into abstractions. He tends to regenerate itself, however, duplicate, Sharpening, through the discovery of his physical and natural, desirable through a return to nature.
Everything flows in a constant mimesis.

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maurizio frigerio
8 years ago
nell'evoluzione di madre terra noi siamo semplici "sordi" figuranti... ;)
complimenti eva! ciao alla prossima
9 years ago
venditarte Gallery
molto originale!
9 years ago
Helga Kalversberg
10 years ago
very good painting !

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