Acqua 7

Acqua 7

Painting, Human figure, Mixed technique, 80x100x2cm
"The water works represent Terdich’s last project, an extreme challenge which combines the message he conveys in his portraits and figures and the technical complications to render the movement, the transparencies and the light reflections of water and the fragmentation effects of bodies under water. These works are unusual and modern paintings, of complex realization, where the subjects are broken within the crystal water in a multitude of dynamic reflections.
The water, symbol of life, purification is transformed in a territory of light and reflections. The centre here is again the human being dipped in a streaked blue liquid in thousand streams, from the more or less intense colour. The feelings emerge, the emotions become therefore “transparent” in his visual universe, refusing the implacable formal perfection to privilege now the inner sphere". (From “Thisday” 3rd April 2010 – “An Evening so Surreal”).

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Carlo D'Orta
9 years ago
Carlo D'Orta Artist
Bravissimo, complimenti, grande tecnica

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