Painting, Still life, Oil, 70x50x2cm
“In his still lives, of realistic feature and the photographic cut, the largeness of the small things is emphasized. He tried to transform these objects in metaphysical presences; they are emblem of a state of mind, thanks to the light, purest, and sculptured. This still life is unusual, rather personal in the interpretation of the light, the choice of the subjects, the harmony of volumes and the consistency of the glares. The whole composition is carefully balanced, tidy, symmetrical; to the moment of the event, the contemplation takes over.
His works can be defined as “investigative”, a sort of search for hidden truths, within a reality which seems to be limited, perhaps lost and expressed almost to the edge of a fantastic world. They seem to transmit his uneasiness, his valiant search of perfection in daily life, of his continual search of an ideal. From such an attitude a poetic connotation is depicted, especially by the light which seems as if it is being drawn out from the soul of the colour”.
(From “Thisday” 3rd April 2010 – “An Evening so Surreal - Guest at the Italian Embassy in Abuja were treated to a spellbinding evening as Italian painter Paolo Terdich showcased his work”).

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