Hidden Dragon

Hidden Dragon

In Chinese astrology the Dog has a great feeling for justice and follows the rules of fair play. This deep moral sense also makes the Dog honest and loyal.
The Dragon, however, believes he is the ruler of the world. Self confident, very intelligent and talented. It's this dual nature, this moral quandary, that drives the idea and the image. The source of the astonishment in the the dog's eyes as he realizes his the contradiction inherent in his true nature

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Gianfranco ferlazzo
2 years ago
I like very much ...
7 years ago
angelavinci Artist
bravo Hidden!
Giovanni Oscar Urso
7 years ago
Your dog has a look awkward!
Amalia Gil-Merino
7 years ago
Ying vs yang, dark and light on a dog, great idea Michael, congratulations!
Annabel Ward
7 years ago
Annabel Ward Artist
Fantastic. And I love his expression.

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