Déjà vu

Video, Fantasy / Visionary, Short film, 2:10
An elusive moment of time, ambiguous, suspended between the sensation of having already experienced it, true or not, turning without pity on itself, forward and then backward.
Calculating the rings, thrown like dice, just does not work.
Time, like a skein of wool, untangles itself and winds itself up into a ball, modifying its linear structure: now it hides both its ends, now one end, now the other, perhaps held back uselessly.
Finally time recreates itself backwards.

[…] You don't remember; another time besets
your memory; and a thread is wound.
I still hold an end of it; […]

E. Montale “The Shorewatcher's House”

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maurizio frigerio
8 years ago
...siamo soltanto noi a dargli un senso
complimenti annamaria!!!
ciao alla prossima
fulvio cartoni
9 years ago
brava lavoro eccellente
Beatrice Salvatore
9 years ago
Azioni minime di un tempo "spiegato" su se stesso. Poetico ed elegante. Voto!
Michael Pratt
9 years ago
Michael Pratt Artist
9 years ago
Fidia Artist
Helga Kalversberg
9 years ago
Bellissima !
massimo casalini
9 years ago
io trovo questo video al contempo affascinante ed inquietante.
Nell'attesa di decidere se più inquietante o più affascinante, l'ho votata!
Tiziana Contino
9 years ago
Un bel lavoro che conosco bene. Brava!
9 years ago
9 years ago

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