nothing is as it seems

nothing is as it seems

Installation, Political / Social, Glass, 160x260x260cm
Loredana Longo
Nothing is as it seems
She was invited at the Marrakech Biennal and she realized “ Nothing is as it seems”. The installation is a solitary cell ( a copy of the safety cell of the prison in Guantanamo) with its walls cloaked in mirrors, illuminated by a flickering light, all the interior object are grey. The cell is suspended by metal chains.
The cell's base rests on the floor with walking tracks of the prisoner and the toilet.
The mirror reflects the image of the spectator to infinity, giving the impression of beauty and freedom. "Counterfeit beauty and illusory freedom," says the artist, "despite the aesthetic allure of the installation, it is still a cell, the primary purpose of which is the deprivation of freedom". She adds that the flickering light, although it appears radiant, is nothing more than an instrument of torture in the cell of the captive.
Freedom is just an illusion.

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