Il Pagliaccio (Clown)

Modern music videos remind me soap bubbles. There's nothing behind bright cover. Using basic emotions like lust,
greed, pride etc. modern pop directors are not creators, their product - is a cosmic garbige, which is just an
magnetic impulse on your computer.

This video I was making like non traditional music video, but like a video art. The purpose was to show the
character's emotional expression through the collage of classic paintings. Behind this pictures are emotions of
millions of people and power of centuries.

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6 years ago
non ho parole ! sei bravissimo !
Shay Avivi
7 years ago
Shay Avivi Artist
Beautiful video !
Maria Petrucci
7 years ago
bellissimo anche questo!
Karen Colville
7 years ago
wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyincredibile poiché l'aria estetica ed attraente oh cirque bravo!!
Anna Blom
7 years ago
Anna Blom Artist
Bettina Patermo
7 years ago
grandioso davvero !!!
davide coluzzi DAZ
7 years ago
davide coluzzi DAZ Architect, Artist, Installation artist
hi, very cool your video, good idea of transitions, but I don't like cremonini even if this song is one of his best pieces. I like your mix of artist. great
Daniele Gori
7 years ago
Daniele Gori Artist
You are a magician!!!!!!!!!!! deserve the prize without a fuss
7 years ago
Totur Artist
Hello Alexey, your films are great!! I wish you success and vote for you!
Helena Hamilton
7 years ago
I love this! Fantastic.

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