untitled 09

untitled 09

Digital Photography, Human figure, Digital, 70x100cm
In the iconological climate we are raising in (but, especially, after the diffusion of mass media all over the world), self-portrait indicates not only what we suppose the others think of us and the way we imagine they consider us, but also the way we’d like the others to consider us or the way we feel deep inside without having the heart to admit. It’s the alter ego’s iconographic epiphany: it may be an illusion, a hope or a very alienation.
In our time, willing of gender rights recognition and difference respect –under a simplifying trend that points to infos and goods easy trading- turned into loss of difference.
Difference sometimes rises back like a trouble or like a border-crossing: it may be a passage from a field to an other or a sort of suspension in a paradoxical free zone between genders as if the one was transfigured into the other one.

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stravagantya project
4 years ago
stravagantya project Illustrator, Installation artist, Painter

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