Blue Trolley

Blue Trolley

Digital Photography, Still life, Digital, 80x60cm
make intensely coloured installation, video and photographic works from arrangements of found materials and consumer goods. In this body of work objects are densely arranged and enclosed within constructed spaces or in containers; such as shopping trolleys and cabinets to form compacted colour masses or gradations.

In my work I build collections using systems that I invent. In my ‘Trolley’ series of photographs I have experimented with building collections of block colour in the supermarket, a place where colour is in abundance, in order to understand how colour may look en-mass.

In this work the subject matter of shopping and consumerism is a framework in which to act out abstract concepts of anaesthesia and control with my collection of coloured objects. Being located in a trolley, this canvas inevitably references consumer society and disposable culture.

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Liz West
9 years ago
Liz West Artist
put it all back... as part of the performance work that this was the documentation of!
Lee McDonald
9 years ago
Lee McDonald Artist
love it. Do you purcas the stuff or put it back wen you done taking photos?. or eat food from blue pacaging for a week?

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