NOBODYCONTROL is a monstrous contemporary chimera epiphany: it shows characteristics both male and female, but inter- laced and superimposed, reciprocally sliding and confusing. At first sight, it seems to test all reification, depersonalization and alienation processes we are subjected continuously to as undistinguished and interchangeable components of the mass consumption, crushed by an unisex-market-planning.
This arcane entity, having our future as its past and passing from pure product/ function of an invisible haggling with life to a responsible self-assumption, shows openly (by claiming it to the single person) real urgency to give substance to hu- man dignity miming a regenerative grotesque parthogenesis. This need is alien at all, absolutely problematic and breaks historic –and merely cultural- solidarity between sign and sense, shorting indentifying functions of the body, its charac- teristics and all semantic pertinences connected to it (according both to one and other gender).

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Osvaldo Rogato
7 years ago
fantastica performance, mi piacciono moltissimo i tuoi lavori.
Daniele Gori
9 years ago
Daniele Gori Artist
senza parole...
non c'e' limite al mio stupore

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