Albero Quadrato

Albero Quadrato

The work is make in ceramics with a tecnich similar to mosaic.
The frame is orange, is static, represents the limit of the resources available to which the man must be concerned for being able to generate own fruits also orange.
The tree represents the man, individual that born grows and dies; the high part of the tree is square to indicate the respect of the limit.
The sea represents the nature, an incessant blue movement, on which the man sinks own roots and draws vital lymph
The sky are blu and infinites thinks.
The lines that cut the picture indicate the connections in motion the balances in continuous evolution, in the high part of the picture are orthogonal and therefore logical and rational in the part low free curves indicate the emotions the cultural roots.
The fruits of the tree are born in the high, rational part, but they are sons of the lymph received from the emotions.
The tree if it wants to continue to fructify must be square and to respect the limit of the resources available.

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