Painting, Fantasy / Visionary, Portrait, Mixed technique, 70x100cm
One Face is always the same face that is disguised, it disguises to interpret and to represent other characters. A person who is not afraid of losing identity and, as in the paradox of the ship of Theseus, is preserved over time even in the apparent change of its various parts.
My work wants to tell something about people and the search for identity beyond appearance, playing on the exasperation of some characteristics of known faces, which are applied on the basis of the same unchanging face, my own.
The amusement between the hat and mask wants to be a mischievous story, to mock and exasperate, human types and stereotypes.
The concept of philosophical identity simultaneously takes into account what is the same and what is different: it is possible to speak of identity when a characteristic allows something to be associated to or is distinct from another thing and it is in this alternation for the search of the self that humans find the most intimate reason for being.

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