A Visual examination where object and subject are melted in search of a third way, in which the critical distance is canceled. The depiction Limit-SCAPE is the perceptual margin area, an area "imaginable" and live where everything converges and catalyses. The limit is a zero-dimensional point where concepts and forms are combined, they enter into relationship often clashing and aberrandosi giving breath to new meanings. The identity man-building can mitigate the relationship between identity and environment? The architecture under consideration is the distance between identity and environment, the formal aspect stereometric and geometrically made invades the space aligning the system functional shape, whereas the man as the passive inhabitant invasion perceptual and schematic of architectural design. The separation between identity and background will be sewn through click on Limit. scape. The interpolation between individual and architecture comes from finding a new way of thinking the architecture. Is part of us!

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teresa azzam
8 years ago
teresa azzam Artist
A nice game between light and shadow!

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