flaming 2 the work  ( particular )

flaming 2 the work ( particular )

Sculpture, Still life, Textile, 50x70cm
TECHNIQUE : Woven on a haute lisse loom (a vertical frame loom)
MATERIALS : wire with paper, wax matches, glass beaker

Ephemeral, such is the material I have chosen for this series of works called Flaming: matches.
I have included them in my weaving, because weaving give me a way of capturing and catching that which is ephemeral. I live and breathe daily this sort of magical uncertainty, terrifying at times, but natural and human, impossible to keep hidden deep inside. It surfaces time and again and we’re touched by it, like the clothes we wear. So, creating objects, works to ‘wear’, nonsensical conceptual armours for the day-to-day, gives me the opportunity to survive to the impermanence, to the ephermeral.
Uncertainty is, but I make it work in alliance with me, in an ever-changing life.

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J. Isabelle Cornière
10 years ago
Un'opera particolarissima e innovativa, bravissima.

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