Fushë Kosovë Sex Café Chair

Fushë Kosovë Sex Café Chair

Notes on artwork: Reclaimed prosthetic limbs, steel, leather, fishnet, nylon. Resins: male sex toys, Moldovan coins, children’s toys, sweets. Cushion: Machine and hand embroidered silk with beading, wire and leather straps.

83cm x 93cm x 74cm

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Masami Teraoka
9 years ago
Hi Helen,
Fushë Kosovë Sex Café Chair is unsettling and provocative work. The entire setting seems to evoke various emotions. Cheers! I wish your Confession project is going well. Is the Benedict ReBound Confession Chamber" Pope Benedict's book? I hope to hear from you. Thanks. Aloha, Masami Teraoka

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