hitting the wife with tony bennett part 2

hitting the wife with tony bennett part 2

Painting, Abstract informal, Acrylic, 121x240x3cm
when you start a painting then the actually shape of the proposed work can reflect the initial starting point... and when i put together work it usually can be made up from various size panels... its these panels that get extracted occassionally and are seen on their own.. like pieces of a jigsaw they are extracted and seen with their own identity and maybe for them all to come back together one day in the future... this work has two panels from an original eight... they have what i want from work and that is the 'uncontrived' ... they weren't made to look like this and perhaps its this explority notion that all artists really want from artwork, uncontrived 'imagination'....

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Birgit Oestergaard
6 years ago
Very nice work. My compliment. x Birgit
Alfonso Siracusa
7 years ago
very good!!!
Helga Kalversberg
7 years ago

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