These art work is from serie of objects “ Nine stations of your taste” :
In installation, the accurately elaborated objects are unique mediators. They are composed of various materials, the basic construction is of wood, in spots worked with copper, fur and leather, receptacles are made of ceramics and found objects are also added. Each object bears a different message or claim, inviting the visitor to embark on a – not only outer visual-aesthetic, but also inner-contemplative – journey.
Object outstretch the limits of the given spatial framework. A composed, palimpsestic visual image/scene becomes a ritual stage where a cyclic offering of life and “tasting” are performed through the intermediary of uncommon “objects-stations” that feed subjectivity, acquainting it with its own reality.

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Michael Pratt
7 years ago
Michael Pratt Artist
very nice-
jaya  suberg
7 years ago
jaya suberg Artist
what a beautiful "something"!, jaya

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