Painting, Sacred / Mythological, Oil, 90x90x2cm
“Stolen” is inspired at the The Nativity of Caravaggio, and painting was painted by me in 2008 in Sicilia (Italy). It was created for a series of exhibitions organized in various cities around the island: “Is it here The Nativity of Caravaggio, that was stolen ?”. Events made to stimulate the public’s opinion about the theft of the art works, in particularly about this magnificent painting of Michelangelo Merisi, stolen in Palermo in 1969… never found.

The canvas of my painting is voluntary removed from the frame and rolled, to simulate the “theft”.

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9 years ago
livia Photographer
Bellissima e molto particolare!
Gisella Pasquali
9 years ago
Bello, originale, W Caravaggio!Complimenti.
Daniele Gori
9 years ago
Daniele Gori Artist
Thanks Maria
Maria Aristova
9 years ago

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