Blitz at the Fish Market

Blitz at the Fish Market

""Blitz in the fish market" is the title of a pictures series made for reporting an action happened the 2 of June 2009 at the fish market at Ancona, Italy. This picture show a part of the installation inside the fish market. The whale shows its organs as a symbol of affirmation of his existence. The installation is part of a bigger urban project that connect The Ancona City Museum of Modern Art with the fish market in the Old Porch. The project title is "Escape fro the museum" and was realized for the Public art festival POPUP! 2009. The idea is make a connection between the institutional art places and the public spaces. In this case the traditional fisherman working place and the City Museum. This urban project was realized in many Italian and European cities from 2006 to 2010 with the name "Escape from the gallery"

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