Ability is attitude

Ability is attitude

Digital Photography, Landscape, Digital, 59.7x84.1x180cm
This work is part of the ESCAPISM series:
What made me take it?First of all,
Escapism is a project where I was inspired by painting and the semiotics of objects. I let simplicity and powerful imagery be my guide.
This image was created from an exploration of landscape, from a looking process where I searched and exploited the meaning of the so called mundane and everyday material. This particular one was captured in my sunny coastal city just before sunset.
I just became enchanted and fascinated by the cool sky with the slight speckle of the drifting cloud.Just enough to create this simple but strong composition.
In the moment I also appreciated how the lifeguard tower is tranformed into a kind of contemporay land art sculpture.I enjoy the feel of the summer warmth and moist beach sand and it's slightly golden hue.

Escapism is very experimental , there is a fear and excitment of it in the creative process. Together it creates dialogue of inner madness through a constant questioning of the object and the self.I'm enspired also by the joy of the find of what was discacarded and bringing it to life again even emortalising, and making it omnipresent.

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. ana picasso .
8 years ago
Maurizio Milanesio
9 years ago
I like it....fantastic..

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