Socrates is realy about roles

Socrates is realy about roles

Digital Photography, Still life, Digital, 59.7x84.5x180cm
I remember how beautifuly the light fell on this chair, I just ran like lightning inside and grabbed my camera.

I moved around, listening to the colours,thoughtfuly, instictively searching the angles and speaking to the textures and the landscape.

One day waking from a dream my intuition whispers,
''Socrates is realy about roles''.
I wondered why be given that information, and how is it related to me.?
Only later would I discoverthat this chair and the title were one and the same thought.
The chair has many forms and has many roles.
In this image I tilt it, from the normal sitting position we used to and transform it into a dyfuctional object.
In tilting it's perspective I change it's role therefore it's meaning. In this state of dsyfuction I rectreate it a new role. A still life, a morden sculpture, A work of art.

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7 years ago
legabutina Artist
Powerful visual statement. Great work.
Badabeam Badaboom
8 years ago
Thank Soaud I think I'll learn a lot from you on how you use colours so liberaly and powerfuly!
Souad Nasr Makhoul
8 years ago
Interesting work! I like it!

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