Digital Photography, Human figure, Digital, 48x33cm
This photograph is the visual representation of a state of mind. A person turned profile covers his face. He remains steady in his concentration; his body enters into a symbiotic relationship with a matter that surrounds it.

The mind however, which encloses and conceals a vital dimension, tries to move away from real space and present time. It wants to move beyond.

Between reality and desire there is a tension that lifts the soul, charging it with emotive force.

The metaphysical light, illuminating the individual, marks his movement through space and time, outlines a direction of the spirit with a line of energy. Everything in the duration of a sigh.

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Melissa  Roedan
8 years ago
molto ellegante e sofisticato,complimenti!
Maddalena  Di Gregorio
8 years ago
Excellent lighting. Is this a self portrait?
Giancarlo Caporali
8 years ago
Mi piace molto!!
Teresa Palombini
9 years ago
Questi giochi di luce la rendono intensa. Complimenti!!

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