Digital Graphics, Political / Social, Computer graphics, 70x50x2cm
social-political scenario of the future, but it may be that in the near future will reserve this type of legislation and authoritarian, censorious, and between the two there is a link ... the Freedom you granted-donated by a political system, it remains a PSEUDOLIBERTà, which can be REVOKED by the same (marx) censorship operates in philosophical-political-level legislative statements that contradict the ideological-political foundations on which is built the so-called democratic, are punished, demonstrating the implicit false consciousness.

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Barbara Però
6 years ago
Barbara Però Artist
ignoravo questa "meraviglia"!
divulgarla è un obbligo ed io ti ringrazio.....
daltronde questa legge è figlia di ciò che chiamano democrazia, paravento opalescente dell'ingiustizia in cui viviamo.
Giancarlo Caporali
6 years ago

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