Public performance (Grand Parade, City Hall, Cape Town/SA,in collaboration with Dominique Jossie).I portray in this work my personal experience in a foreign country. In this work I explore elements of an existing relationship between a new country and me. Things that are subjects of questionings and debates. I’m inspired in this performance living in a Cosmopolitan society and experiencing a multifaceted reality (of cultures, tribes, languages and races). I therefore approach the question of Identity and differences. My experience as a foreign black male living in a constant uncertainty; sometimes can make one defensive.
“Identity and differences can be a positive thing (of richness and diversity), however in various cases carry out the perception of divergence and distance”.
Therefore, my relationship with South Africa (or a new place) generally and Cape Town in particular is both positive and negative. However a feeling of anxiety, the question of origin and space still remains. The violence resulting when one has to compete for priority and attention. But it is also a social place of richness and diversity.

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