Live video : A-li-ce / Live sounds and music : André Fèvre and Domitille Sanyas / HOMEMADE COLLECTIF - http://homemadecollectif.com
Creation at MAKI Slaughterhouses, Angoulême and Les Pixels Transversaux, Paris, 2009- 2010 / Vision'R (Paris) 2010 / Medialab Prado (Madrid) 2010 / Poitiers (Fr) 2011
This audio-video performance is about « going deep into the daily life of a man named
Harry» and is inspired from a text of Hubert Selby Jr.
We organize it as an audio-video set but also as a installation in motion, in which is included
he public, following the emotionnal steps of a human being, going deep into his
nightmare. The atmosfear is really dark and sensitive.
The video is only black and white, generated by a webcam, a security camera, live cut papers,
and prepared footages. The video performer is sitting in the room / the stage, organizing her
ive video as a cooking experience with objects.
The sound is only made with objects and live recording microphones; the 2 performers evolve into the room, going from a sound point to another one.
We invite the public to sit in a space and close the door. The process can begin.

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