senza titolo 11 - 10

senza titolo 11 - 10

Painting, Abstract geometrical, Acrylic, 88x85x6cm
Through the extreme rigor and formality used to present the work, my painting wants to lead us to reflect on the harmony inherent in life and wants to create a moment of pause and spiritual intimate reflection. The entire painting is not a single canvas but rather a collection of canvasses for every field of color. The lateral borders of each canvas align perfectly with each other in a way to create a line of division barely perceivable and wants, through a play of ideas, mark the sensuality contained in the union of two bodies / objects.
This work consists of 12 canvases of equal width but different height and color. On each of these canvases, I painted fields of different colors to create a checkerboard of color.

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Vincenzo Frattini
9 years ago
si confermo, la mia ricerca è in parte ispirata dagli artisti che hai citato,però vedendo il mio lavoro dal vivo potresti notare meglio la differenza.. grazie a te..
9 years ago
mi vengono in mente Peter Halley e le Farbftalen di Richter e tutto il suo lavoro sulla vetrata della cattedrale, senza contare Joseph Albers e tra gli italiani Marco Casentini. confermi? grazie e BRAVO!
Helga Kalversberg
9 years ago
Bellissimo !

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