Luoghi Fluidi I

Luoghi Fluidi I

In this project I am searching a vision of place. I am trying to recreate it and rethink it, as if it were a series of impressions fused together, recalled behind closed eyelids. I am looking for a result that gives a feeling of fluidity and vitality of the space.

A flow of time and events draws marks on the surface, sculpting the image of our reality. But beyond that, there is a energy which, though elusive, changes every place in the deep.
The space it's being influenced by beings that run through it like spirits, by their feelings, experiences and thoughts.
So, every time and for each individual, it loses it's integrity through this decomposition and acquires a new identity. This continuing transformation changes it's significance and it's reason to exist.

I draw an imaginary and abstract vision of them, looking for the relationship between the image and perception of identity.

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