Installation, Political / Social, Various materials, 100x150x100cm
Installation "PRAVDA" reflects the influence of different media on how we perceive , view or judge the world around us. I play a personal and obstinate game with the information which is spread by the media all over the world.
On the big glass a photo of a young girl is visible. The pile of newspapers seen through the glass symbolizes the growth and changing of her personality under the influence of media. On the top of the newspapers a black suit is placed to reflect the political leadership, that use censorship to control us.
On the other side of the glass I placed a wooden cube, representing a suprematistical world of freedom.

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Birgit Oestergaard
9 years ago
Hi Julia, this work is amazing - and I have´nt read the notes:) Regards Birgit
Bella Goulart
9 years ago
Iam not sure I get the relationship between cube-freedom but I am quite taken by this work.

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