Kill PIL

Kill PIL

The site-specific video installation "Kill the Gross Domestic Product" (See the video for "The Book of Heaven and Hell") investigates a specific idea of R03;R03;progress that reduces the growth and progress of a company to market dynamics. The installation "GDP Kill" brings together a cross-section of a house built with hazel branches interlaced with m 1.80 x1, 80 x 2.60, which protrudes from a wall of the gallery and is resting on the floor with a single vertex in an unstable equilibrium, a feathered body and a video projection through vegetation and places of our living and that they condense in a pulsating red spot ... in the search for a form, a poetic dimension in which to meet and where you can find as much as possible the natural conditions of life in relationship with nature and with themselves, and where the living is not just "keep the land" but also trigger a sense of the relations between human beings and the responsibility to life itself.
"If then the spirit, soul, life is found in all things and in some grades, fills all matter, is certainly to be the true act and the true form of all things. (Giordano Bruno-De la cause, principle et a). "

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Birgit Oestergaard
6 years ago
Georgious. My compliment.
Helga Kalversberg
6 years ago
Bellissimo !

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