The video is reading the data by audio-visual computer codes that take possession of the foreground. The soundtrack, also composed by Roberta Orlando, is interrupted, broken down between the shooting and uncontrollable disturbances of signs and words that are freed from their primary design, while the intensity of movement gradually increases, highlighting a decidedly emotional character. In addition, the images are composed in black and white and in their negative, often leaving the first frame behind, fragmented and destroyed by the same codes that compose it.

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Carlo D'Orta
9 years ago
Carlo D'Orta Artist
Davvero splendido, un lavoro intenso e capace di stordire, molto nuovo (credo) come concezione, sono sinceramente ammirato
ferdinando sorbo
9 years ago
una estetica del flusso della rete...
donato arcella (spazi.Lolli)
9 years ago
Mi piace l'ossessione che provoca
Francesca Modotti
9 years ago
Maria Signore
9 years ago
Maria Signore Artist
thetawaves industries
9 years ago
Net-Industrial-Art! grande!
davide petraroli
9 years ago

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