Installation, Animal, Video installation, 300x200x400cm
Zanzzzzare is a multimedia installation by Giovanni Longo.
In this virtual habitat 3 mosquitos proliferate up to 500 in 6 minute and "die" in the same time. The user between projector and projection becomes active actor of the scene through ipnotic stimolation audio-visual.
The artwork is handled by a program made in java with factors entirely parameterizable.
Tecnical support by Michele Lacopo.

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Damon Cureton
5 years ago
Damon Cureton Artist
A great piece Giovanni!
charlotta hauksdottir
6 years ago
Interessante. Mi ricordo di notti insonni quando ho vissuto a Roma.
luigi guarino
6 years ago
luigi guarino Artist
opera interessante,,
Unity Art Nabiha + Thom
6 years ago
huuuuuuu... works!
Giovanni Longo
6 years ago
Eugene this is a video installation..the true artwork is the video projection.. :)
Eugene Hyon
6 years ago
Eugene Hyon Artist
The dimensionality behind this performance art is an interesting concept with projector, figure and the projection itself. It's also very mysterious. What is the connection between the swarming mosquitos and the woman sitting while flipping through the pages? Is it an expression of a growing interest in what the woman is reading? I think that is the mystery for me.
Bridget  Grady
6 years ago
Bridget Grady Artist
Very Powerful!After living in Southeast Asia this would be my preferred way to experience mosquitoes!!!!Conceptually I like how it relates to the issues and effects of climate change.As our world grows warmer it increases the range and population of malaria and dengue carrying insects.
Michi Olivanda from Tuscany
6 years ago
è senz'altro impressionante... non vorrei esser stata nel soggetto... sarebbe interessante un esperimento : stessa scenografia con qualcosa che attiri le zanzare vicino al soggetto preventivamente cosparso di Autan... dovrebbero avvicinarsi (le zanzare) ma non troppo, disturbate dall'insetticida, creando un alone vuoto attorno al soggetto stesso :-)
Gabi Domenig
6 years ago
Gabi Domenig Artist
Una buona idea, fatto interessante, ma odio le zanzare, credo che non hanno una funzione positiva... tutto che portano è dolore!
Rajan Krishnan
6 years ago

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